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The Divine Name of God

The Divine Name of God as found in the Bible – sometimes referred to as the Tetragrammaton, meaning four letters – is essentially the Hebrew proper name attributed by God to Himself. tetragrammaton_200

The image here shows how it is written in Hebrew characters.

In the present day its pronunciation is unknown, since at some point in history the Jewish people felt that the Name was too holy to utter out loud. The Hebrew alphabet does not contain vowels, so it is now only a matter of speculation as to how it may have been spoken. Continue reading

Is God a Trinity?

Christians are supposed to believe that God is a trinity right?

Well we can start by noting that the Bible nowhere speaks of a trinity, and it is widely acknowledged that the doctrine was introduced into Christianity after the death of the first century apostles.

God's Night SkyThat being said we need to tread carefully in examining this subject. By definition God is transcendent and it would be foolish to think that we can easily comprehend his full nature. So we shouldn’t necessarily be put off by a doctrine which seems mysterious to us. Once we come to terms with both the late introduction of the trinity and the idea that God is transcendent, we are free to explore for ourselves what the Bible has to say on the matter. We are neither bound by a human definition like “trinity” nor do we need to distance ourselves from its concepts if they fit with scripture. Continue reading