Why can’t I leave comments on articles?

We welcome your feedback and have a “Contact Us” page for this purpose.

We also love to discuss God’s Word, but at present our main restriction is the time involved to manage such a facility. As a voluntary ministry we already have to make a living for our families from our day jobs. In addition some of us already write articles for other sites, and help moderate other discussion forums.

At some point we would love to have a general Christian discussion forum connected to this site also. If it is something you would also like to see then please use the contact form to let us know. If enough people have an interest then we may be able to give it additional priority. In the meantime there are lots of Christian discussion sites out there. We just advise all fellow Christians to exercise caution as the Internet can be a minefield in finding genuine people who will help build up your faith in an intelligent way, rather than to simply attack it.