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Isn’t your religion just a game of chance based upon your place of birth?

To some extent this is true. But what should a person infer from this? Had you been around when Christianity was first taking root in first century Palestine what would have been your chances to have been one of the relatively small group in the upper room who were first anointed with holy spirit? (Acts 2:1-21) What about your chances of being a convert to Christianity at all during that period? Pretty slim I would think. Just as the chances of Christianity itself surviving as a Jewish sect were pretty slim. But God purposed that people would gradually be drawn to himself through his Son, and so it came to pass. The point is that there are elements of probability to the outcome floor any individual, but certainty that God’s express will will be realized in any situation.

Now what does it matter if the chance is indeed greater for one human being to be born into or at least exposed to a Christian environment at some point.

The question only truly has weight if eternal salvation is dependent on becoming a baptised Christian during our present short lifespan. If this were true then it would matter a great deal. If would be unjust of God to leave the deck stacked against people based on where they are born or indeed any other variable. But such a premise is a misunderstanding on the part of many people. Once we understand what the true meaning of the Christian Gospel is then we come to an appreciation that God’s justice is beyond question in the way he has arranged things.

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