What is True Christianity?


The very term “true Christianity” assumes that there is such a thing as “false Christianity”.  Such a notion is objectionable to some people in our politically correct 21st century. Who are we to assert that some people who claim to be Christian are in fact nothing of the sort? Is it not judgemental to have a worldview that recognizes the existence of true and false Christians? And isn’t judging others at odds with Christian principles? Jesus himself several times warned us against judging others.

Yet at the same time the reality is that Jesus and Bible writers inspired by God directly warn us that there would be false Christians – in other words certain people who pretend to be Christian and yet do not live as Christians ought to live. (See Matt 7:15-27; Jude 4)

Rather than get side-tracked from the topic of this article let’s stick to the plus side of the equation here, and we will deal with false Christianity as a separate topic.

That actually reduces things to a simple concept. True Christianity is the form of worship that adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Those teachings are found in the New Testament of God’s Word. However it also follows that true Christians also recognize the validity of the Old Testament, since Jesus Christ did so and he used those timeless words of God as a foundation on which to build.

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